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Dave's Garage: 2020 BMW X2

Eric Peters on

Crossover SUVs are popular because they have everything ... except style.

They're great in bad weather. They're space-efficient and much more versatile than other cars. That's why they're selling so much better than other cars. But they suffer from look-alike syndrome, which is a function of their virtues.

Which is why BMW made the X2 look different.

What It Is

The X2 is a more stylish version of BMW's X1 -- which is BMW's compact crossover SUV. The X2 is also a compact crossover SUV, only with a lowered roofline -- and a slightly higher price.

Style, like performance, costs a little extra.


But it doesn't cost you much in terms of practicality.

The base price is $36,400 for the front-wheel-drive SDrive28i -- versus $35,200 for the same basic thing in an X1 with a taller, more traditionally SUV roofline and a little more head (and cargo) room.

With a lot less visual impact.

Equipped with the optional xDrive all-wheel-drive system, the X2's price rises to $38,400. In X1 sheet metal, the same basic thing stickers for $37,200.


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