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Peter's Garage: 2020 Lincoln Continental

Eric Peters on

It took about 25 years to sink in. The bestselling Lincoln of the modern era isn't a car. It's the Navigator -- Lincoln's version of the Ford Expedition SUV. On the strength of Navigator sales, Lincoln outsold Cadillac for a while back in the '90s.

Until it tried selling cars again.

Including cars such as the Continental -- a car that was iconic back when JFK was president but hasn't done as well with Donald Trump as president.

Not because of Trump. But because things have changed since JFK was president.

The new Continental has a lot going for it -- including that it's a much better deal than other high-end sedans. It's much roomier, more powerful -- and costs tens of thousands less.

But the one thing it hasn't got going for it is that it's not an SUV -- or even a crossover SUV.


Those are selling. Sedans aren't.

Which is why Lincoln won't be making any more sedans after this year -- including the Continental.

Carpe Diem.

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