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Eric's Autos: 2020 GMC Savana

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There aren't many new vehicles that are almost 25 years old. The GMC Savana van is, in fact, the only one.

If, of course, you don't count its Chevy-badged cousin, the Express.

Both of these full-size vans haven't changed much since 1996 -- because why would they? No one else makes vans like them anymore: body-on-frame construction, 12-15 passenger capacity and a big V-8 engine instead of a turbocharged four-cylinder -- or a turbodiesel four-cylinder -- or a V-6 engine without a turbo.

Either one offers your pick of all three.

And none of the others do.

What It Is


The Savana van is GMC's version of the Chevy Express van. Both are far from being minivans, and they are unlike any other vans currently on the market.

Their heavy-duty layout enables them to carry more passengers and pull more cargo than rivals like the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster -- while being much less pricey than the rugged but expensive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.

Prices start at $32,000 for the base version of the GMC van, topping out at $35,900.

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