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Eric's Autos: 2020 Nissan Frontier

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The new Nissan Frontier is actually pretty old; the 2020 model is essentially the same truck as the 2005 model.

With one exception.

There's a new 3.8-liter V-6 engine under the hood that's the most powerful standard engine under the hood of any currently available midsize truck. It has more than twice the horsepower of the four-cylinder engine that came standard in last year's Frontier -- and almost 50 more horsepower than the 4.0-liter V-6 that was optional (and extra cost) in last year's Frontier.

What It Is

The Frontier is a midsize truck and, like its primary rivals -- the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma -- is offered in two cab styles (extended and crew) and with short or long beds.

Unlike them, it comes standard with a big V-6 engine -- which some of them (like the Ranger) don't even offer as optional equipment.


Also unlike them, it starts under $20,000 -- or, at least, it did.

When this review was written in early March, Nissan hadn't finalized official pricing for the 2020 Frontier with the new V-6, which will be available at dealers in about a month or so.

But the base price of the 2019 Frontier was $19,290.

The updated '20 Frontier with the newly standard V-6 will probably cost more than the 2019 did -- but the word is it'll still cost less than rivals -- especially when those rivals are equipped with their optional engines.


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