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Eric's Autos: 2020 Hyundai Sonata

Eric Peters on

When you can't sell practical anymore, it's time to start selling something prettier.

Midsize sedans like the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata used to be top sellers -- largely due to the strength of their practical, family-car credentials. But crossovers -- with their two- or three-times-as-much cargo room, (usually available) all-wheel drive and extra ground clearance -- have made huge inroads into the family car market.

What are sedans to do?

Sell looks -- and luxury.

Performance, too.

What It Is


The Sonata is Hyundai's midsize, midpriced sedan. Like its primary rivals -- the Camry and the Accord -- it's almost a full-sized sedan in terms of its overall length.

And its passenger spaciousness.

Also like them, it's been restyled to summon passion -- and engineered to deliver more performance -- in order to try to recover sales that have been lost to crossovers.

Prices start at $23,400 for the SE trim, which comes with a larger (and stronger) 2.5-liter engine versus last year's Sonata. There's also a new eight-speed automatic transmission, which replaces the six-speed used last year.


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