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Eric's Autos: 2020 Fiat 124 Spider

Eric Peters on

People who buy economy cars don't especially care that lots of other people are driving the same car; if anything, it's confirmation that they bought the right car.

But people who by sports cars want more than just a great car; they want to be driving a different car.

This is the Mazda Miata's curse -- which flows from its excellence.

The Miata has arguably the best value for a sports car ever -- and it's one of the best sports cars ever made, period.

But for exactly those reasons, almost everyone seems to have one. Which detracts from the excitement of owning one.

If you'd like to have one that almost no one else has, then have a look at this one: the Fiat 124 Spider.


It's the Miata's less-common Italian cousin.

What It Is

Mazda doesn't just sell Miatas to its many customers; it also sells a few of them to Fiat, who resells them under its own label as the 124 Spider.

But it's not just the badging that's different.


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