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Eric's Autos: 2019 BMW M850i

Eric Peters on

High-end cars are easier to buy -- assuming you can afford them -- because there are fewer choices at this altitude.

Take the BMW 8 Series coupe/convertible, for instance. It has the ledge all to itself.

What It Is

The 8 Series is BMW's full-size four-seater luxury-sport coupe -- or convertible.

The availability of hard top or soft top, and standard back seats, sets it apart from other high-end two-doors that are generally similar, such as the Mercedes SL, but don't have four seats and only come as convertibles.

Also setting the BMW apart is its standard all-wheel drive (versus the rear-wheel-drive-only Mercedes SL) and a standard V-8 (the Mercedes SL comes standard with a V-6).

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Naturally, there's another thing that sets the 8 Series apart. The coupe costs $111,900. The convertible costs $121,400.

What's New

The convertible 8 Series coupe is new for 2019.

You can raise -- or lower -- the top in about 15 seconds, and while rolling, at speeds up to 30 mph. An integrated pop-up rollbar is part of the package, as is an M trim (for "motorsports," BMW's performance division), including LED backlit doors, sills and aluminum pedals.


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