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Eric's Autos: 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage

Eric Peters on

Saving money on gas is great, but how about saving money on the car? If it costs you less, then you have more in your pocket to pay for the gas you put in it -- and other things.

A simpler car is also less likely to hit you with high-dollar repair costs down the road. And if it has a better warranty than other cars, you won't have to pay any dollars for repairs until you're farther down the road.

That's the case made by Mitsubishi for the Mirage, which is one of the least expensive and best-equipped new cars available for less than $14k to start -- as well as one of the best warranted and most fuel-efficient.

What It Is

The Mirage is a subcompact sedan/hatchback emphasizing value and high mileage -- without making you pay extra for it, or for amenities such as air conditioning, power windows and locks, and cruise control. They're all standard equipment.

Base price is $13,795 for the ES trim with manual transmission. There are also SE ($14,995 to start) and sporty GT ($17,330) trims.


What's New

There's a new Limited Edition package that includes heated seats -- something the low-bucks cars of the past never dreamed of offering!

What's Good

It doesn't cost much more than a motorcycle but seats five (and is out of the weather).


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