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Eric's Autos: 2018 Mercedes-Benz C350e

Eric Peters on

Don't buy the hybrid version of the Mercedes C-Class for the gas it'll save you.

Buy it for the speed it will give you.

The hybrid version of the Mercedes C sedan has almost 500 foot-pounds of torque awaiting your right foot -- which is much more fun than the plug that's in the trunk.

What It Is

The C350e is the hybrid gas-electric version of the compact Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan.

It's a plugin hybrid, too, which means it does more than just creep briefly -- and slowly -- on the batteries. Full EV operation is possible for about 20 miles and at speeds as high as 80 mph.

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Base price is $47,900, about $5k more than price of the standard (nonhybrid) C300 sedan. But that one doesn't have almost 500 foot-pounds of torque.

What's New

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now available in all C models including the hybrid.

What's Good


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