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Eric's Autos: 2018 Chevrolet Camaro

Eric Peters on

Muscle cars are exaggerated cars, the Hulk Hogans of the car world. They're bigger -- and brasher -- than the rest. They part the crowd. The new Camaro definitely does that.

It has some retro-themed styling elements intended to evoke the '67-'69 Camaro -- especially up front -- but there is also an infusion of current Corvette themes, especially when viewed from the rear.

Another Corvette commonality is the two-seater interior. Well, technically, the Camaro has four seats - but its back seats have the least legroom of any of the three current muscle cars (the others being the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger). There's 43.9 inches up front, but the back seat stat is so minimal GM doesn't even publish it.

The trunk is also exceptionally small -- even for a muscle car -- at 9.1 cubic feet (the Mustang's is 13.5 cubic feet; the Challenger, which has the most usable back seats of the bunch, has 16.2 cubic feet of trunk).

The Rest

Aside from the V-8 power and performance -- and the lower MSRP and gas bills -- there is another good reason to consider the turbo four Camaro: lower insurance costs, especially if you are a young (under 35) and single. Insuring a muscle car has always been expensive, but you'll probably get a break by skipping the V-8, because the four-cylinder is considered less obstreperous.

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The Bottom Line

It's not often you can actually have your cake and eat it, too. This time, you can.


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