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Eric's Autos: 2018 Nissan Versa

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The average price paid for a new car last year was about $35,000. But that doesn't mean you have to pay $35k to drive home a new car -- a nice new car. You could buy a brand-new Nissan Versa -- with air conditioning, a four-speaker Bluetooth-ready stereo and intermittent wipers -- and pay less than $12k.

A Pinto reimagined it's not.

What It Is

The Versa sedan is the least expensive new car sold in America.

It's a compact sedan in terms of its overall size, but it has a midsized sedan's interior space, including a back seat with 37 inches of legroom and a trunk with almost 15 cubic feet, about the same as Nissan's midsized Altima sedan.

Base price is $11,990 for the S trim with manual transmission. It costs $14,130 for the S Plus trim with a continuously variable transmission, or CVT.


What's New

Intermittent wipers are now standard in all trims.

The SV Special Edition package that Nissan made available last year continues for 2018. Order this and your Versa will come outfitted Cadillac style, with leather trim, fog lights and a color LCD touch screen with streaming audio and hands-free Text Messaging Assistant.

What's Good


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