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Eric's Autos: 2018 Lexus NX300

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The NX still feels sportier, though -- which is both a function of its more compact size as well as its more intimate interior and the shape of the interior, which from the perspective of the driver (especially at night, when everything's lit up) conjures the vibe of being in the left seat of a speedy corporate jet.

At the Curb

It turns out the NX is a very practical personal jet with nearly as much room inside as the RX.

There's 42.8 inches of legroom up front and 38.1 inches in the second row. Cargo space behind the second row is 17.7 cubic feet, and if you fold the second row down, you'll have 54.6 cubic feet.

The much longer and taller RX (192.5 feet end to end and 67.7 inches high versus 182.3 inches long and only 64.8 inches high) has 44.1 inches of legroom up front and 38 inches in the second row -- a difference without much distinction.

With regard to cargo room: The RX has 18.4 cubic feet behind its second row and 56.3 cubic feet with its second row folded flat. The NX has 17.7 cubic feet behind its second row and 54.6 cubic feet with its second row folded down.

The Rest


Both the standard 8-inch and the optional 10.3-inch touch screens are larger than what you get in competitor models, and though initially intimidating, the Remote Touch Interface mouse track pad input is user-friendly once you get used to it.

The Bottom Line

The NX probably isn't a game changer like the original RX was, but that doesn't mean it hasn't got game.


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