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Eric's Autos: 2018 Buick Cascada

Eric Peters on

In keeping with its lover-not-a-fighter nature, the Cascada literally cascades with amenities. In fact, there are no extra-cost amenities, just a few safety features you can add if you like, such as lane-departure warning, front parking sensors and forward-collision alert. None of these add luxuriousness to the car, so if you skip them, you won't be driving a less-posh Cascada.

One of the few amenities that the otherwise-loaded-as-it-sits Cascada doesn't come standard with is the air deflectors that come standard with the Premium trim. These are arguably necessaries in a modern convertible -- especially one at this price point -- and should be included in the car's base price.

The Rest

The LCD touch screen is overly recessed, which makes it awkward to use.

This car also comes standard with a physical ignition key -- a dated feature in a 2018 car priced in the low-$30k starting range.


The Bottom Line

Convertibles are rarely practical. This one is, which may end up being the reason it doesn't succeed.


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