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Eric's Autos: 2018 Chrysler Pacifica

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Minivans were once the rage. Then along came crossovers. They are similar in layout and road manners but sexier in appearance. Then, minivans receded. Ford and GM stopped selling them altogether. So it's brave of Chrysler to bring out a brand-new one because there's a lot riding on it.

What It Is

The Pacifica is Chrysler's full-size minivan.

Like the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna -- the Pacifica's primary rivals -- the emphasis is as much on luxury touring and technology as it used to be on kid-carrying practicality.

Prices start at $26,995 for the base seven-passenger L trim. This can be increased to eight seats by ordering the optional (and removable) second-row center seat.

A top-of-the-line Touring trim with a built-in vacuum cleaner, 20-inch wheels and two sunroofs -- a sliding panorama roof up front plus a fixed rear glass section, kind of like a '70s-era Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon -- stickers for $43,695.

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What's New

All trims, including the base L, come standard with additional electronic safety features (blind-spot monitor, rear park sensors) and an upgraded version of Chrysler's UConnect interface.

The optional GPS system gets bundled with 4G Wi-Fi, and the optional back-seat DVD entertainment system can stream video wirelessly through Android devices.

What's Good


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