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Eric's Autos: Reviewing the 2017 Land Rover Discovery

Eric Peters on

The Rest

There are nine USB ports, so no one will ever go unplugged.

You can configure the second and third row positions remotely via your phone.

There is a Fitbit-style waterproof activity bracelet to wear so you don't have to carry keys with you or worry about them getting wet. Instead, you leave the keys safely locked and dry inside.

And the negatives? Well, the windshield hasn't got the embedded grid heater system that Land Rover vehicles used to have and the Range Rover still has. This feature keeps ice from forming as you drive and clears the windshield of ice on cold days so you don't have to chip at it with a chisel. It's an excellent feature, and Land Rover ought to bring it back.


The Bottom Line

Don't let the dual DVD rear entertainment system or the outstanding 14-speaker Meridian ultra-premium audio rig fool you. This is a machine that can go extremely off-road, as opposed to striking an off-road pose. And it doesn't compromise on the road either.


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