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Eric's Autos: Reviewing the 2018 Genesis G80

Eric Peters on

If you order AWD with the base 3.8-liter engine, you'll also get heated rear seats and a wireless cellphone charging pad.

What's Good

It has luxury car engines for a much lower price than some luxury brands charge for economy car engines.

It has much better warranty coverage than most economy car brands.

It's not over-gadgeted and easy to just get in and drive.

What's Not So Good

The G80's bigger engines are thirstier than rivals' smaller ones.

The car is heavier than rivals, which eats away at its horsepower advantage.

The back seat is tighter than the BMW 5 Series and Benz's E-Class.

It'll take some time for the Genesis brand to acquire the cachet that BMW and Mercedes-Benz still have.


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