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Auto review: BMW iX M60 is a great mix of luxury and EV

Marc D. Grasso, Boston Herald on

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Step aside, Tesla!

When thinking of EV vehicles, Elon Musk's brand the first that comes to mind. But BMW has stepped up to the plate with a wave as it stomps the competition with its new 2023 iX M60.

Auto manufacturers are in full “go mode” trying to perfect the EV and compete with others leading the way. With significant tax credits in place, manufacturers are hoping that consumers will make the leap over to full EV vehicles. For BMW, there is an additional challenge: to maintain its reputation for luxury, power and world-class engineering.

Despite being an EV, the M60's aesthetics retain certain traits of the internal combustion era. Consider the oversized front kidney-shaped gills, which are probably not for everyone. Their only function is decorative, since the EV does not require airflow to cool its engine.

But this vehicle is beautiful. Its curves are right, its ride height is perfect, and its sight lines are impeccable. On the inside, the bright blue seat belts and titanium bronze accents scream modern all the way throughout the SUV. Ample legroom, state-of-the-art infotainment, and a small center console with dials and settings are just a few of the interior features that stood out in our week-long EV test. For a vehicle that gets 288 miles on a charge, the $105K price tag is a lot, but the iX M60 is luxurious. It's a great ride on 21 inch wheels, has all-wheel drive, and goes from zero to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

To date, I have not driven an EV with such class, luxury and comfort. As interest in all-electric vehicles grows, the BMW iX M60 is a great option for luxury buyers — that is, if they can get over those kidney-shaped gills.


2023 BMW iX M60

MSRP: $105,100

MPGe: 76 city / 80 highway / 77.7 as tested

As Tested: $109,770

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