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UAW accuses Ford of 'greed,' violating contract with plan to send jobs to Mexico

Phoebe Wall Howard, Detroit Free Press on

Published in Automotive News

"We have submitted data requests to the company asking them to explain the basis for this decision, but they continue to only provide us with strategically limited information," wrote Kariem, who is known to be mild-mannered and a vocal supporter of Ford.

"We are intensely exploring our options at this time and I will keep the members of Local 2000 informed of our next steps," he wrote. "Even though the situation is rapidly evolving, I feel it is of extreme importance to continuously communicate vital updates associated with this situation."

In response to the UAW letter, Felker declined to confirm whether Ford is keeping its commitment to the plant.

"We are always looking at our options," she said.

"We still plan to invest $6 billion and create and retain 8,500 jobs in America during the course of this four-year contract," she said. "We are invested in Ohio Assembly Plant and our dedicated workforce there. Since 2019, we have invested more than $185 million and created and retained more than 100 jobs at Ohio Assembly Plant, including actions planned for this year. This includes increasing our capacity to build additional Super Duty trucks at Ohio Assembly Plant to meet strong consumer demand."

In addition, she provided the following responses to questions submitted by the Free Press:


Is Ford planning to add jobs in Mexico that would have been in Ohio? "We have no additional details to provide at this time."

How does Ford feel about its actions characterized as corporate greed? "Ford is committed to manufacturing in America. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, Ford in the U.S. supports approximately 1 million American jobs, representing 5-6 jobs for every direct Ford employee. Ford in the U.S. contributes $100 billion to the U.S. GDP through production and multiplier effects. Ford assembles almost twice as many full-sized trucks in the U.S as either General Motors or FCA."

How did the UAW hear about this situation if not directly from Ford? "We couldn’t speak for the UAW."

Why is the UAW accusing Ford of not providing information? "We couldn’t speak for the UAW."


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