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Auto review: Toyota Tacoma Double Cab stingy on space, spendy at the pump

By Scott Sturgis, The Philadelphia Inquirer on

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Consider - it's a super tall, small truck floating around on giant balloons for tires. So it requires a ton of energy just navigating simple curves and keeping it between the lines.

But, like the frog who doesn't notice the slowly boiling water, I adapted to his environment and within a few days found the Tacoma somewhat enjoyable.

But it's still bouncy on rough roads. Really, we should not let our vehicles do this to us.

Up to speed: The 3.5-liter V-6 in the test model creates a whopping 278 horsepower, and this powers the truck admirably. It reaches 60 mph in 7.1 seconds, according to a Motor Trend test of a 2016.

But nothing about the Tacoma made it a rollicking good, high-speed time.

Lesser Tacomas are powered by a 2.7-liter four that creates just 159 horses. I doubt that's the recipe for fun.


Shifty: The gearshift is standard Toyota - it looks like a shiftable automatic, but really it's just a fancy gear selector. And it's just a 6-speed, kind of retro.

A manual transmission is available only in this (upscale) trim level, so yay Toyota! I had a stick a few years back and loved it.

The Tacoma performs nicely on real mountains, but it feels shifty and indecisive on Southeast Pennsylvania's rolling hills.

Driver's Seat: The seats come covered in leather and are heated, thanks to the $4,285 TRD Premium Off-road Package, which also adds automatic climate control, Premium JBD audio, and more. They're a fairly comfortable perch, though a hair firm.


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