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Auto review: Genesis begets the G70, a new smaller sporty sedan

Scott Sturgis, The Philadelphia Inquirer on

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Shifty: The G70 comes with a rather odd shiftability component. The shift lever on the console offers only PRND, no mention of Sport or Shift mode. The steering wheel paddles allow drivers to shift up or down, but I could find no way to keep the vehicle in shift mode.

Ah, you know what? It hardly matters anymore. Even race car drivers keep their cars in automatic mode. Let the 8-speed automatic do the work for you, too.

That 2.0 turbo does come with an available manual transmission, though -- and it costs a bunch less.

All-wheel drive is available as well.

On the road: The G70 does offer several driving modes. Sport mode is a whole bunch of fun, but the G70 handles nicely in any of the five modes.

Country roads are really fun, although highway driving is still quite nice. Sport mode does heavily accentuate the bumps, though, so be cautious on railroad crossings and heavy road seams.


Steering assist: Much is being made of self-driving components on today's cars, but if the Kia-Hyundai-Genesis system were more pervasive, it would all be sent back to the drawing board. The system was turned on when I got the vehicle, and at first I was disappointed in the G70's wonky handling and touchy acceleration.

But then I remembered this trouble I'd had with other models from the Koreans, and sure enough -- disengaging the steering assist made everything feel so much better.

Driver's Seat: Genesis models tend to be a welcoming environment, and I found the G70 to be a tighter version of the nice luxury sedans I'd driven before. Controls are easy to operate, and look and feel nice.

Friends and stuff: Or rather, stuff in some friends. Rear-seat passengers will be scowling at you in the rearview mirror. Legroom, headroom, and foot room are all tight, and the center seat is only for toddlers. The seat itself is comfortable, though, so smaller folks won't complain -- especially with the heated seats on cold days.


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