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Hundreds of GM temp workers were just made permanent

Jamie L. Lareau, Detroit Free Press on

Published in Automotive News

Permanent status also means Humphrey gets paid time off. He gets better health care that includes dental and vision.

"It opens up a door for me to think about going to the doctor or dentist, too, because I have that insurance now, so it doesn't come out of my paycheck," Humphrey said. "I can think about getting a house, too."

Most important to Humphrey, he now gets tuition assistance. He wants to go to college and study electrical engineering, he said, adding he dreams of being an inventor one day.

"This helps us better our future, our careers and our families," said Humphrey. "I almost shed a tear when I heard the news because you finally achieved that goal that you waited three years for and you showed up every day for."


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