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Larry Printz: Don't look now, but there might be a turkey in your garage

Larry Printz, Tribune News Service on

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Thanksgiving is over, and you've no doubt had your fill of turkey, but what about the kind that you might have driven? Yes, there are a number of four-wheeled turkeys. Give this list a look, and then give thanks that these turkeys have passed from new car showrooms.

Acura ZDX


Why it's foul: While many German automakers have created sporting SUVs by adding a sloping backlight over the cargo hold to make them look sleeker, it eliminates a lot of usable space, thus killing its utility. Not only did Acura have the misfortune of getting there first, the ZDX was cramped and pricey.

You're kidding: Debuting at about the same time, the Honda Crosstour sported a similar design, significantly more space and a far lower sticker price, instantly dooming the cramped ZDX to history. Neither the Crosstour nor ZDX proved popular, however.

Chrysler Imperial



Why it's foul: Having achieved his biggest success by transforming the Ford Falcon into the Mustang, Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca shrunk and stretched the humble compact K-Car into many different models, including what has to be the worst Chrysler Imperial ever to wear the badge,

You're kidding: With styling and handling that was two decades out of date, the Imperial failed to attract converts from other German, Japanese or American luxury brands. A sad end to a once-great name.



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