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Sweet deal for UAW members ratified after Mack Truck strike called during GM standoff

Phoebe Wall Howard, Detroit Free Press on

Published in Automotive News

DETROIT -- While contract negotiations among Detroit 3 autoworkers dominate the headlines, UAW members ratified a four-year deal Sunday with Volvo-owned Mack Truck that protects jobs and provides notable health benefits.

"The members at Mack were able to hold the line on health care and add job security provisions and substantial raises during a difficult economic time in the industry," Ray Curry, UAW Secretary-Treasurer and director of the UAW Heavy Truck Department, told The Detroit Free Press Monday.

The new contract with Mack followed a national strike of approximately 3,500 workers that lasted nearly two weeks called in the midst of the national strike of 46,000 workers against General Motors.

"Our members look forward to returning to their jobs of designing and building Mack Trucks for the marketplace," Curry said. "We can't thank enough the surrounding communities for the outpouring of support for our striking families."

Negotiated benefits, which won ratification by 79% of the vote, achieved the following as outlined by the UAW:

--A $3,500 contract signing bonus


--A minimum of 6% wage rate increases for all classifications

--A $1,000 lump sum payment effective October 3, 2021

--An automatic 401(K) contribution increased to 4%

--No increase to weekly healthcare contributions


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