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2018 Jeep Trackhawk has a Hellcat heart

Charles Fleming, Los Angeles Times on

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The Trackhawk is Apple CarPlay- and Android-ready, and comes standard with FCA's Uconnect system. It delivers information and entertainment choices via an 8.4-inch display screen.

Like other top-of-the-line FCA vehicles, the Trackhawk also comes standard with an impressive suite of safety features, including a very good adaptive cruise control, advanced brake assist, rear cross-traffic detection and more.

The vehicle's very good visibility is increased by a good back-up camera and by the addition of parallel and perpendicular park assist technology. This relatively big Jeep drives and parks, as a result, like a smaller car.

But it doesn't burn fuel like one. The big Hellcat engine requires a lot of juice. The Environmental Protection Agency put the combined fuel economy at 13 miles per gallon. Put another way, that means the Trackhawk requires about 7.7 gallons of fuel per every 100 driving miles. Put yet another, the EPA estimates an annual fuel cost of $3,250, and an average of almost $10,000 more in fuel costs, over five years, than the average new vehicle.

Perhaps the greatest use for this vehicle would be a stop sign showdown: Remove the Trackhawk badge, pull up next to a Porsche, and peel out. The Trackhawk wouldn't win, but it would unnerve the Porsche owner plenty.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Times' take: A mouse that roars

Highs: Furiously powerful engine on a tame frame

Lows: It's fast, but ... it's still a Jeep

Vehicle type: Four-door, five-passenger SUV


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