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Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and Range Rover Velar: A tale of two rad road trips

Charles Fleming, Los Angeles Times on

Published in Automotive News

And despite a full week with the car, and 20 minutes in the owner's manual, I never did figure out how to get the backup camera image to appear on the infotainment screen.

Luckily, most of my time in this Cayenne was time on the road. At highway speeds, I found it extremely effective. Solid and authoritative, it delivered substantial long-distance luxury.

The sports seats were still comfortable at the end of a six-hour drive, though a full-figured operator might find them too snug. The combination of good sound-deadening materials and a great sound system made the Cayenne quiet even at higher speeds.

And there were some higher speeds. The Cayenne is so stately on the open road that excess was unavoidable. I found myself in violation of the law, by accident, several times.

At one point I asked my traveling companion to guess how fast we were going without looking at the dashboard. She guessed 60 miles per hour. The speedometer said 85.

Also assisting in the long-haul department is the massive 26.4-gallon tank. This made it possible for me to do something I've never once done in any automobile. Refilling the Cayenne after several hundred miles of driving, I spent exactly $100 for a single tank of gas.

Perhaps folks who can afford the suggested retail price on this vehicle don't worry about such matters, but it certainly caught my attention.

2017 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

Times' take: Big performance in a big SUV

Highs: Excellent engine and ergonomics


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