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Motormouth: Most SUVs are built more like cars than pickups, except Toyota 4Runner

Bob Weber, Chicago Tribune on

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Q: I have a 2007 Chevy Cobalt. A while back, the electric door locks stopped working. I changed the battery in the key fob, but it still only works every now and then. Once in a while the locks click on and off, but not too often. What can I do?

-- G.R., Pompano Beach, Fla.

A: We have a hunch the key fob is OK, since it opens the locks sometimes. Verify it by remotely opening the trunk. We suspect the problem is in the car, probably the lock actuators, but maybe the switches. Time to see a pro.

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Bob Weber is a writer and mechanic who became an ASE-certified Master Automobile Technician in 1976. He maintains this status by seeking certification every five years. Weber's work appears in professional trade magazines and other consumer publications. His writing also appears in automotive trade publications, Consumer Guide and Consumers Digest.


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