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How I Made It: Bruce Meyer's road to success from candle wax to classic cars

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Meyer is a man who likes being busy. He has set land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats, been a trustee for the University of California and served on the boards of the California Highway Patrol's 11-99 Foundation and St. John's Health Center Foundation.

"I've always had a lot of energy," he says. "I'm not a reader. I don't go the beach. I'm not a golfer. I just enjoy work and activities more than other things."

He insists he has no personal credo, but friends kid him about the motto, "Never lift," which has followed him around the automotive world.

Meyer says he adopted the phrase from famed Indianapolis 500 driver Parnelli Jones, who once told him a story about giving an ambitious young racer this advice: The secret to winning races, he told the youngster, was never taking your foot off the gas pedal. The young driver applied that advice, and promptly crashed his car.

"Parnelli said he was just kidding," Meyer says. "But it stuck with me. I sign my letters that way -- Never Lift -- and I see my life that way. You just keep going. You don't give up. Try and keep your foot down, whatever you're doing. But of course it's not the way I race cars! That would be crazy."

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There is no greater advocate for the car hobby than Bruce Meyer. His passion has influenced an entire generation of car people.


Meyer says he has no interest in bargains or barn finds. Instead, he says, the key to collecting classic vehicles is to buy only what you love, pay whatever it takes to acquire it, then pay top dollar to restore it.


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