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'Alexa. Why can't you control everything in my car?'

Russ Mitchell, Los Angeles Times on

Published in Automotive News

SAN FRANCISCO – If you buy a new Nissan, you can tell Amazon's Alexa to unlock the car before you leave the house.

That's nice.

If you buy a new Ford, you sit behind the wheel and tell Alexa to order diapers or ask about the weather.

That's nice, too.

But those capabilities are trivial compared with the kind of power that a true virtual personal assistant would have to understand your commands and improve the driving experience.

Wouldn't it be great to get into the car and just tell it what you want, without worrying about apps and devices and what's incompatible with what? To just say:


"Turn on the car."

"Slow down the wipers."

"What's the cross street for that Midas place on Sepulveda?"

"How much washer fluid do I have left?"


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