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Larry Printz: 2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport

Larry Printz, Tribune News Service on

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Better yet, the configurable driving dynamics allow you to adjust the throttle response, steering and ride to suit your mood. Just set it to Dynamic and get ready for fun. Tuned to deliver razor-sharp handling, the steering gets weighty, enough to make tossing this cat into corners insanely fun. The ride is firm, with little of the underlying suppleness that once was a Jaguar hallmark. And while you might be tempted to given the audio system a listen –– it is a Bowers and Wilkins after all –– the exhaust note is all that's needed, thundering and crackling as if to announce its sinisterly amusing intent.

If there's any real complaint you could make about the F-Type it's the lack of reasonable storage space, especially on the convertible. Going away for the weekend? There's enough space for a toothbrush and condoms.

But that's not what the F-Type is about. It's a sports car; a fashionable, fast, furiously fun sports car. And that's why having six variants is at least five too many. Picking just one is almost impossible, unless you choose the 400 Sport.

But don't dither. Jaguar says that this blast of perfection will be offered for one model year only, which will make picking a model next year much more difficult.


2018 Jaguar F-Type


Base prices: $89,500-$92,500

Engine: 3.0-liter Supercharged V6

Horsepower: 400

Torque: 339 pound-feet


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