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My Pet World: Kathy Ireland extending her passion for fashion to pets

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Kathy Ireland's Worldwide brand is 28th most powerful brand in the nation, according to Forbes Magazine, topping $2 billion in licensed products in 2013. When it comes to home decor, the one-time super model is a superstar and more than a tad successful. Announced at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL, on March 13, ...Read more

Are Women in Politics More Honest?

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What, I wonder, explains the gender gap in political corruption?

Women make up almost 20 percent of the current Congress, according to the Center for American Women and Politics, but they don't come anywhere near that proportion of Congress' scandals.

Will it take breaking news of a female lawmaker doing something truly stupid like former Rep....Read more

Column: Sorority sisters carry support system through generations

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My friend Chris joined Alpha Delta Pi at Washington State University in 1971. The sorority sisters from her era, now in their late 50s and early 60s, gather together at least twice a year. They have a built-in community of support and often share advice and stories that help them on their aging journey.

The women recently gathered on Whidbey ...Read more

Northland woman recalls a life of outdoor adventures

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The grizzly was coming, and there was nothing Kathy Anderson could do about it. She had surprised the big sow when she and her husband, Bob, were backpacking in Glacier National Park many years ago.

Now 77, Anderson was recalling her life in the outdoors from her apartment at the Edgewood Vista senior community in Hermantown.

"I was hiking ...Read more

Kate Rand Lloyd, former Working Woman editor, dies at 89

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Kate Rand Lloyd, former longtime editor in chief at Working Woman magazine who took pride in never promoting stories on "how to get and hold a man" or "dieting for a great figure," died in San Rafael on Feb. 23. She was 89.

In a magazine career that spanned more than 47 years, including managing editor of Glamour in the 1950s and Vogue in the ...Read more

World War I Army nurse continues the fight

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NORMAN -- When Mabel Ruth "Mike" Stephanic rolls down the halls of the Norman Veterans Center in her wheelchair that's decked out in her favorite collegiate color, she greets everyone who crosses her path with a warm smile and a hearty Oklahoma hello.

Stephanic doesn't care much that she's an Oklahoma State fan living in Sooner country. After ...Read more

There's no single way to view the ordination of women in the Catholic Church

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Q: Two of your last columns are tied together in my mind. Recently, you offered a prayer for the new pope, and said that "Old practices that are true but not popular need to be preserved. Old practices that are just old and not true need to be let go." The week before, you asked readers for the one question they'd ask God. After reading these ...Read more

Resolve to reduce stress in the year ahead

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Aloha from Hawaii. Given the amazing beauty here, it's no surprise that, according to a Gallup poll last year, Hawaii residents were the least stressed in the entire country. So I'm in the least-stressed state during the most stressful time of the year: the holidays. A survey by Consumer Reports found that 90 percent of Americans find at least ...Read more

Clothes can be a trigger for recalling life's significant events

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A gold-sequin tube top and leopard-print harem pants marked a milestone in Vancouver resident Jane Cook's life: New Year's Eve 1979.

"I still remember what I was wearing that night," said Cook, now 53. "I wondered what the 1980s might be like for me. There was a lot of promise. I was saying goodbye to one decade, finishing high school and going...Read more

Mourners recall the humanitarian side of 'Miss Wiggles'

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ANCHORAGE - Velma Adkerson, who performed risque and acrobatic nightclub routines as "Miss Wiggles," was laid to rest this month. Her show business career began in the waning days of vaudeville and burlesque and continued into the 21st century. She packed in the crowds at prominent Lower 48 show houses that also featured stars like Nat King Cole...Read more

Romney's 'binders' bind

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Mitt Romney's wince-inducing suggestion for gender equality, "binders full of women," has become almost as much of major Mitt-ism from the second presidential debate as "Big Bird" was in the first.

But I'm not mad at him. The Republican candidate's expression sounded a bit crude, but he had the right idea. After all, it is far, far better for ...Read more

Alzheimer's simulation is shocking for caregivers

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Five little tasks in eight minutes. Seemed simple enough. Things like fold towels, put on a sweater, drink half a cup of water, clear the table, find a necktie.

No big deal, right? But now add spiked inserts in your shoes, blurry goggles, clumsy gloves and headphones putting staticky radio and random noise into year ears.

With all that going ...Read more

Finding loved ones to lean on, furry and family

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We can learn a lot from pets. Dogs anyway. I don't have the same familiarity with cats, reptiles, horses or whatevers, but I assume they're the same. Well, not reptiles. To me, they lack personality. And then some. But dogs. Well, consider this ...

For medical reasons, I was gone from home for four weeks. During that time, my Boston terrier, ...Read more

White House will 'work with' religious groups on birth control rule

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WASHINGTON -- Faced with continued blowback from a new rule on health insurance coverage for birth control, the White House on Tuesday emphasized that the details of the mandate were not yet settled.

"We're going to continue to work with religious groups to try to allay their concerns as we implement a policy that provides this coverage to ...Read more

Closed store destroys unsold bridal gowns

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EDINA, Minn. (UPI) -- Neighbors of a closed Minnesota bridal shop said they were shocked to find the store had destroyed its leftover inventory with spray paint.

Bessie Giannakakis, owner of Bessie's Boutique, located near Pricilla of Boston in Edina, said the closed shop spray-painted "thousands of dollars of gowns" and threw them in a ...Read more

Women's shoe heels portend austerity

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ARMONK, N.Y. (UPI) -- The heels on U.S. women's shoes remain high -- as they often do during poor economic times, but an IBM official says the company's analysis portends a change.

"Usually, in an economic downturn, heels go up and stay up -- as consumers turn to more flamboyant fashions as a means of fantasy and escape," Dr. Trevor Davis, a ...Read more

Deputies: Drunken driver chased pink limo

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NAPLES, Fla. (UPI) -- Authorities in Florida said a man driving a Porche was arrested on a drunken driving charge after chasing a pink limo carrying two women who took his money.

The Collier County Sheriff's Office said Thomas Richard Canham, 53, of Evanston, Ill., gave the women money early Tuesday after they said they would go to his house ...Read more

43.6 percent of U.S. adults unmarried

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The U.S. Census Bureau marked Unmarried and Single Americans Week by revealing 43.6 percent of U.S. adults were unmarried in 2010.

The bureau marked the Sept. 18-24 celebration of singlehood by detailing data from the 2010 census showing 43.6 percent of U.S. adults ages 18 and up were unmarried -- including those who have ...Read more

Coffee servers cited for nudity

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SAN JOSE, Calif. (UPI) -- Police in California said three women were issued public nudity citations for allegedly serving customers in a Vietnamese coffee shop while topless.

San Jose police said officers conducting a routine check of the Quyen Cafe at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday spotted the women, ages 22, 22 and 23, serving coffee while topless, ...Read more


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