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Dear Doug: Senior Valentines

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Q: My wife and I celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary last year. None of our friends have reached that milestone, and I feel very blessed. But there are some things that get harder with time.

Due to our age, neither of us is as mobile as we once were. We both used to enjoy going out for a big date, but we haven't felt up for it the last few years. Dealing with traffic, busy restaurants and other inconveniences is just too exhausting.

It just seems harder to really celebrate. We have more limitations and have pretty much done it all, so it's hard to find anything new or different.

How can I make this Valentine's Day special?

A: No matter how long you've been married, relationship maintenance is key. When you love each other, your effort is more important than any other trappings.

The most important thing is to set aside time to enjoy being together.


If you don't feel up to going out, have a special meal at home. Cook, or order in some of her favorite foods to show her you're thinking about her.

Flowers are another great way to recognize the occasion.

When celebrating, presentation makes all the difference. Decorating your table or room with flowers, candles, nice dishware and linens shows your commitment to making this day out of the ordinary.

If you're thinking of doing something different, find an activity you can do together. Volunteering, crafting or spending time with family are all good ideas.


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