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Dear Doug: Take Your Time

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I'm a lonely widower who would like to find the same sense of companionship I had when I was married. I found a lovely woman six months ago who I think would be a wonderful partner.

While I'm thinking about our possibility to marry in the future, I'm not sure she's on the same page. She doesn't seem as interested in me as I am in her. We ...Read more

Dear Doug: Truth Is Mandatory

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: A couple of years ago, I met a widowed lady. She has become a good friend, but no romantically speaking. I believe she is afraid to make another commitment, as she and her husband had their problems but chose not to divorce because of breaking up their family.

We enjoy each other's company on a regular basis and thus far have not had any ...Read more

Dear Doug: Some People Are Happy Being Unhappy

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: No one can out-depress my new neighbor! I have learned not to ask her how she is. She spends at least 30 minutes giving me details of why she is depressed.

When she moved in, I invited her for dinner, took her shopping and even agreed to pick up her meds for her. She has never thanked me. Now I try to hide from her because she upsets me so ...Read more


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