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Aging Skin

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I'm finding that my skin is getting more fragile and dry with every year. Winter is especially harsh on my tender skin.

I've resorted to showering less frequently, which has helped. On the other hand, I don't feel clean, and I worry that people are judging me.

What's the best way to stay clean?

A: Bodily changes are a natural part of ...Read more

Luddite Woes

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I can't seem to keep the technology I have functioning right. I'm always running into problems, especially with my landline phone and television remote.

I'm starting to think that I'm just too old to keep up with technology. My family still lives in the area and is willing to come over and help me with my problems. But it's a little ...Read more

New Regiment

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: At my last appointment, my doctor put me on medication for high blood pressure. My stats have always been borderline and getting worse over time. It looks like they finally got to the point of needing intervention.

This is the first long-term medication I've been put on. Many of my friends are on one or two different pills, so I know it ...Read more


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