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Guest Etiquette

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: My wife and I have always hosted Thanksgiving at our house. It's our favorite holiday, and we've always loved to have our entire family in one place to enjoy one another's company.

This is the first year that we can't fulfill our tradition. I had a serious health scare earlier this year, and we made the decision to skip the stress of ...Read more

Relationship Maintenance

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: My wife and I had been looking forward to retirement for many years, but it hasn't been as good for our relationship as we expected. We've been getting into a lot of fights, even though we don't have a whole lot of outside stressors, like family drama or financial woes.

We're clashing on a lot of minor issues and just don't seem to enjoy ...Read more

Dear Doug: Friendship Maintenance

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I'm having problems maintaining my bonds with old friends. Although I've known many of them for decades, they've seemed to drop out of my life recently.

The last couple of years have been hard on me, and it feels like everything's piling up at once. I lost my husband, have been having health problems and now am losing my support network.

...Read more

Dear Doug: Senior Odor

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: Apparently, I smell. My son told me as nicely as he could, but the message was clear.

I had no idea but am glad to have been told (even if I'm embarrassed to hear it). I've noticed my sense of smell getting worse with age, but I didn't think it would affect me too much. Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case.

If I can't tell anymore, how ...Read more

Car Rip-Offs

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: My car is now 10 years old and has an occasional problem but mostly suits my needs. I've had to bring it in for repairs a few times, but my mileage isn't as high as you'd expect from a car so old.

I recently had my car towed to the dealership after having some problems with the engine. The dealership quoted me for an expensive repair and ...Read more

Outstanding Debts

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: Last year, my wife had some serious medical problems that put her in the hospital. I'm grateful every day that she has recovered, but we now have a lot of unexpected credit card debt. Our mailbox and voicemail are being hounded by debt collectors.

I was really looking forward to retirement in the near future, but now I don't know if it's a...Read more

Bathroom Retrofit

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: My mother had a fall in the bathroom a few weeks ago and ended up with a minor concussion. After a short hospital visit, we ended up hosting her at our house to keep an eye on her. Now that she's back home, I find myself worried about it happening again.

I volunteered myself to modify her bathroom to avoid another incident. We were lucky ...Read more

Support Vs. Control

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: My daughter has struggled with her weight for her entire life. Now she seems to have given up, and her health is suffering.

Her problem has always involved going to extremes, but nothing anybody says seems to help. She used to go on fad diets and lose a bunch of weight. But then she'd gain it all back with interest within a year.

I'm ...Read more

Food Insecurity

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: Due to my arthritis, I've been having a harder and harder time getting around. I finally started using a cane to help with the pain, but it doesn't help as much as I'd like.

I've mostly learned to adjust, but I no longer like to leave the house. Routine errands are especially frustrating, including grocery shopping. I also am increasingly ...Read more

Sleep Time

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: In the last few years, I've found my sleeping patterns to be majorly disrupted. I spend more time lying awake in bed and find myself waking up in the middle of the night.

Several friends have shared their similar experiences with needing less sleep, but I'm pretty sure I'm not getting enough.

How much sleep do seniors need?

A: There's no...Read more

Outside Perspective

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: Our granddaughter has been dating a man for two years, and we just got an announcement that they're engaged. She's very level-headed, but our family isn't impressed by her choice of partner.

Nobody in the family has gotten to know him well -- which most people do before getting engaged! From our brief interactions, he doesn't seem ...Read more

Lawyer Search

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: Help! My old lawyer retired, and now I don't know how to find someone to handle my legal affairs.

I know it's time for me to start doing estate planning, but I'm at a loss. The internet shows so many options that I don't know where to start.

How should I narrow down the search?

A: Your first question should be geared toward what type of ...Read more

Plane Food

Senior Living / Dear Doug /

Q: I haven't traveled in a long time, but I'm planning on attending my great-niece's wedding in December. I don't get the opportunity to see her often, as they live on the other side of the country.

Given that I have diabetes, I'm worried about my blood sugar during the flight. I've heard that travel has changed a lot and airlines have ...Read more


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