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When The State Gets It Wrong

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The current situation at the border between Mexico and the United States has risen to a level that should have every citizen outraged, or at the very least seriously alarmed. Why is the cry for decent and humane treatment of people seeking asylum seemingly so muted and anemic? Is it a sign of how seriously America has lost its way?

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Save A Life, Save The World!

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The question continues to be raised regarding the ongoing manufacture and sale to the general public of military-grade assault weapons in the United States. The Three Wise Guys discuss the issue from the perspective of the three Abrahamic faith traditions.

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The Trouble With 'Bad Religion'

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On their radio program, The Three Wise Guys talk a great deal about "Good Religion." Often it is a reminder that there is also some very bad religion out there. Here, they will spend a little time discussing the issue of "Bad Religion," and why it creates so much trouble in the world.

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Hate-Driven Religion

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Does God hate you? Some people say their faith tells them that that's true if you don't believe what they believe. Here, The Three Wise Guys will discuss faith and the understanding of God as either love or hate. The play titled "#GodHatesYou," by Emily Dendinger, will be the launching point.

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