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The Road To Reconciliation

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To get to reconciliation -- which we must admit is sometimes not a possibility -- there can be a rather long and arduous process. We live in a time and an age when there is often less focus on reconciliation. Instead there is an attempt to circle the wagons, build bigger battlements or reinforce the silos that separate us. Is there any advice ...Read more

Accountability Is A Spiritual Matter

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Accountability seems to be at a particular low currently. Taking responsibility for one's actions is met with sidestepping, blaming others, deflecting, projecting and hollering "Fake news!" Leaders in several areas of life seem more interested in spin than honesty. The Three Wise Guys weigh in on this issue.

Rev: There's an unsettling trend ...Read more

The Leadership And Legacy Of Women

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A record number of women were elected to the United States Congress in the midterm elections of 2018. The event caused many to dub 2019 as "The Year of the Woman." March is Women's History Month, and the Three Wise Guys talk about what all of this means for the United States and for the human race.

Imam: The statistics are pretty clear: Women ...Read more

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