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Thrown Out Of Your Religion

Religion / The Three Wise Guys /

Can you commit an act of treachery so heinous, so horrible, that you can be excluded from the faith of which you claim to be a part? If so, who makes the decision that you are no longer part of that religion? And finally, what does that mean? The Three Wise Guys will tackle these difficult questions in regard to the issue of extremist violence. ...Read more

Who Speaks For Religion?

Religion / The Three Wise Guys /

It's an age-old question: "Who speaks for [insert religion name here]?" There are nearly as many answers to this as there are varieties of religion and denomination. In this installment, the Three Wise Guys attempt to make some sense of the question, especially in regard to violent extremists who claim to do what they do in the name of a ...Read more

Did God Create The Universe?

Religion / The Three Wise Guys /

When you think about the universe, do you believe there is a God who created it? There's a lot of talk about whether the universe is a creation by the divine or solely a scientific series of events. Is there a creator God? And if we believe that, what does it mean? The Three Wise Guys discuss it.

Rabbi: Our three faith traditions seem to have a...Read more

The Claim Of Religious Terrorism

Religion / The Three Wise Guys /

We hear it all the time: "Muslim terrorists have just done ..." The guys discuss the problem of putting the name of a religion in front of the word "terrorism." Is a religious faith ever compatible with the ideas and actions of terrorism?

Rev: It's fascinating to me that in our current culture, there are certain groups that use the name of ...Read more

The Third Biggest Moral Question

Religion / The Three Wise Guys /

This is the third and final in our series on what we think the three biggest moral questions of our age are. Each of us has made his selection, unbeknownst to the others. We take time to discuss what we believe these three big questions to be -- from our perspectives -- and what our faith traditions call for us to do about them.

Rev: The third ...Read more

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