Light Notes: Your name? There may be more to it than you imagined

Timothy J. Ledbetter, Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, Wash.) on

Published in Religious News

Throughout history, the importance of names and naming is highly appreciated. Rarely is a name selected at random — perhaps in humor, but not at random. Parents may invest much research, reflection and deliberation in choosing the particular name or names of their progeny (“They named them ______, because _______”).

Often a certain point is being made in the selection of a name. More than one biblical person changed their name to reflect new life circumstances.

Indeed, your name matters.

What is the history of your name? Perhaps it has deep meaning for you; perhaps not.

There is a meaningful biblical story about a young man, Samuel, who was apprenticed to a priest, Eli, in the Jewish temple (I Samuel 3). One night Samuel was awakened several times upon hearing his name called aloud, but could not figure out who it was.


Among the many lessons in this story, the one I like is what Eli said to Samuel, and to each of us: “When you lie down and cannot sleep, sit up and listen. Hush! Someone is calling your name.”

I believe that Someone is God.

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