Pastor puzzles siblings during pandemic with daily riddle

Allison Ward, The Columbus Dispatch on

Published in Religious News

What's fluffy, cute, huggable, and goes up and down? (a puppy in an elevator)

Generally, someone is able to solve the daily question within the hour, often before Tim Brown, 50, who lives in in Brush, Colorado, is even awake because of the time-zone difference. Still, all the siblings have gotten at least a few correct, and if the answer is given too quickly, Eric Brown will send a second riddle.

Sometimes, however, it takes them two or three hours to solve, to Eric Brown’s delight. He said if afternoon arrives, the rest of the family will start asking for clues and even the answer.

“It’s fun to watch them struggle,” he said. “Some of the guesses are outlandish, and everyone is cracking up.”

But getting the answer is only a small piece of the enjoyment the ritual has brought.


“It’s so fun listening to everybody throw out answers,” Whittaker said. “It’s been a wonderful way to stay connected during the pandemic.”

Even though the family members are planning in-person gatherings as they all begin to get vaccinated, Whittaker said they’ll more than likely continue the riddle games. Daily smiles from each other are always needed — pandemic or not.

“It’s something random that has started to blossom into an everyday thing,” Whittaker said. “I love to see their faces every day.”

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