Spiritual Life: Wisdom can be found in ambiguous situations

Timothy J. Ledbetter, Tri-City Herald on

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Seeking wisdom within life's ambiguities can free you from "binary thinking": either/or, only one solution, this or that. Some wisdom traditions call it "seeking a third way."

Part of that wisdom is simply accepting the reality that this particular situation is ambiguous. It can't be resolved but it can be lived into and learned from.

I constantly live in respect for my father-in-law and his family's incredible journey of recovery from loss, and in gratitude for the privilege of sharing life and family with her.

Yes, I believe that acceptance, respect, gratitude and many such learnings from ambiguity contribute to wise living ... among other things.

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Timothy J. Ledbetter, DMin, BCC serves as a Board Certified Chaplain helping persons in crisis effectively cope and find their hope in hospital and hospice settings and is a Tri-City Herald Spiritual Life contributor. He is married and delights in their children and grandchildren. He also enjoys camping and boating. email:

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