Light Notes: She steps up to bring 'big picture' into focus amid pandemic

Lucy Luginbill, Tri-City Herald on

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On the count of ONE ... picture a busy mother of three little boys -- a woman who says she's 105 pounds soaking wet. Now, on TWO ... imagine her carrying a bulky ladder towering above her. On THREE ... smile at the snapshots she's creating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet Krissy Benda who looks at the big picture when life seems out of focus. A woman who clearly takes extra steps to help others see it too.

"I drug this 6-foot ladder around with me, up and down my street a thousand times, and then up and down the ladder with the camera," the energetic military wife said, explaining how she photographed neighbors far beyond the "social distance" norm.

It's Krissy's take on The Front Porch Project that was suggested by a friend. An effort nationwide that has captured images of people at home on their porches during the Shelter in Place mandate.

HOLD IT! Porches?

Unlike wide smiles, they're in short supply in her neighborhood.


"We have German apartment windows and only a few balconies," Krissy said, describing the typical three or 4-story housing where they live on the military base.

But could that obstacle stop a marathon runner who loves a challenge? A registered nurse, now full-time mom, who wishes she could be on the front-lines to help during this crisis?

"I have a lot of nurse friends back in the states and they're posting how things are there. I needed a feeling that I was giving back too," the petite brunette said about her voluntary mission; a project she could squeeze in between her children's online schooling and her continuing education, only with her husband's help. "Rob is the most supportive husband in the world, and I couldn't do it without him!"

Getting the photos wouldn't be a "snap", of course. There were scheduling and changing sunlight angles to consider ... and oh yes, the missing porches.


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