Light Notes: Spring has sprung, so let the light in

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Even with the world on hold, spring hasn't broken tradition at our house.

Outside there are yellow daffodils, tender blades of grass greeting the fence, and the air is pristine. But inside our home it's a different story -- a tale I saw clearly this week in the middle of the "stay at home" mandate.

It seems dust "bunnies" have been happily hopping from one spot to another with my occasional swipe in the dim light of winter. But now with the sun shining through our windows, it's suddenly very revealing.

"If you're going to scrub the kitchen floor on your hands and knees, you need one of those flower tattoos," my husband observed as he quickly dodged the airborne sponge and headed for the door.

I gave him "the look" and hiked up my jeans.

"The reason I'm not using the mop is because down here in the light I can really see the dirt up close and personal," I called after him. "And, by the way, you can help with the windows when this is done," I laughed.

But then I gave that a second thought. I wasn't sure I needed a clearer picture of what lay before me.

As I inched my way from the kitchen to the dining room, I had a lot of time to think ... beyond my aching knee caps. How spring cleaning surprisingly left me feeling good emotionally -- exhilarated, almost. And how when you're on your knees, it's so much more thorough.

All the grime that's been hidden away becomes obvious in the light.


Hmmm ... could there be a parallel here, besides the lines on my wood floor? Maybe some "dust bunnies" that are hiding out in our heart?

With time stretching out ahead of us nowadays, I think there's space to breathe and kneel in prayer every so often to let The Light shine-in on those hidden places. During that quiet introspection in God's presence, we may discover what needs to be swept from our lives; what unsightly attitudes and behaviors cling in dark corners.

Before this mandated quarantine there were so many days when our busy lives had us on the run. Schedules and plans often left us with little time for in-depth Bible study or more than a minute's silence to listen for his voice. It's not to say quick prayers on-the-go haven't kept us in touch with God, but it's not like the deep-down cleansing we can have when we're on our knees.

Like spring cleaning, we need a good exposure to the Light. It's surprising what the Son can reveal.

(Lucy Luginbill is a career television producer-host and the Spiritual Life editor for the Tri-City Herald. In her column, she reflects on the meaning of her name, "Light Bringer." If you have a story idea for Light Notes, contact her at

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