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Spiritual Life: Your gray day can be chased by the Son's grace

Craig Davis, Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, Wash.) on

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Have you ever experienced a "gray day?" You know, the kind that is not merry or bright, but also not terribly dark, or even quite blue in hue. Instead, this kind of day, in some way, is decidedly gray.

Maybe the colorless shade lingers on the inside, because you're feeling a little tired, and a bit bummed-out by the day's developments -- your friend cancels on a visit; the kids are complaining; the faucet needs fixing, again; your soda is flat -- all while things at work are weird, with people, and piles of paper, piling on. Gray.

Perhaps on top of this inner sensation, the outside itself lingers with gray -- even Tri-City-winter-inversion-style. And your weather app concurs: clouds and cold to continue. ... Yep, from freezing fog to pesky wind chills, to light drizzles, to overcast coverings, the gray can invade by way of double dose: from the inside-out, and from the outside-in.

You are affected. Maybe not with an actual seasonal disorder, but the color of your day is clear enough: Gray.

Now what? What do you do when you're cold, slightly wet, a little worried within, a bit weary, and maybe even a tad weepy? Where do you turn?

For some, the solution often includes a flavored concoction in the form of hot water and roasted beans. Oh, a cup of coffee will surely confront the grays!


At least physically it feels that way, as the fluid falls gently, effectively warming your bones, down to your toes. Ah!

Then, in mere moments, the added kiss of caffeinated encouragement kicks in. Feeling better? Less blah? Less gray?

But what if the shades of sorrow surround your soul, creating a spiritual gloom? What if the gray rolling in comes from the corners of a guilty conscience, the kind that clouds your day because of the nagging of a persistent sin?

Or maybe the gray builds because it catches you stuck in a whole season of sinning, with consequences spilling out and over into your relationships.


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