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Spiritual Life: The story of Christ is a 'family' favorite to retell

Craig Davis, Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, Wash.) on

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"Hey dad, tell us about the time you drove your father's car into the garage door!" (True story).

"Tell us again how you proposed to mom at the same spot you met her!" (Another true story).

"Remind us how you used to sing into our infant ears, 'My Bonnie lies over the ocean'... (Why was that silly song so soothing to us?)"

Yes, family stories flow. Over time, some become favorites, worthy of active remembrance as members receive, relate, and repeat the report, whether sad or glad. But what is it about episodes that animate, making both the teller and the listener light-up as the story gets relived and relayed?

Do you have a family archive of moments, an album of awesomeness, of greatest hits as told by beloved kin? Might you even have a record, or an actual recording, of a storyteller in the act of loving-to-tell? Maybe she is seated at a dinner table, or waxing warmly around a campfire. Maybe he is presiding from the front seat of a car during a long ride, or while lounging in a deck chair on a lazy day.

"Remember when ... ?"


"Remember where ... ?"

"Let me tell you!"

How precious it is for generations to receive such rich details and delights! How lovely it is for future sons and daughters to find occasion to step inside a family drama, embracing action and outcome, while fortifying the kindred spirit.

Mom! Dad! Tell!


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