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Spiritual Life: Getting lost is one thing, but staying lost on the road of life is another

Micah Smith, Tri-City Herald on

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"Why are you turning here?" my wife asked.

"It's a shortcut, don't worry," I assured her. "I know where I am going."

Famous last words. An hour or so later, after zigzagging through miles of orchard-covered hills, I was gritting my teeth and continuing to insist that I knew a very effective shortcut to get us to our important meeting.

"We're already late," she said. "Why won't you just admit that we're lost?"

I didn't have a solid answer.

It's a question for the ages, isn't it? When we find ourselves lost, why don't we just admit it?

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For me, it usually involves not wanting to concede that I might be wrong. Getting lost is dangerous enough, but staying lost because of pride can end in disaster, especially on the road of life.

Every man or woman who has ever lived has been lost on some level. It goes with the territory of being human.

It might have been on a mountain trail, a city street at night or in some unfamiliar neighborhood. But then again, we can be lost without going anywhere at all. We can lose our way on a career path or on the aisle of marriage hopes and dreams.

Sometimes people get lost because they simply refuse to follow directions.


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