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Light Notes: Can't find your car? Here's a tip good for more than Baby Boomers

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Forgetfulness is getting in the way for those of us who are used to being on the cutting edge. And it hurts. These days, we realize we're not the sharpest blade in the drawer. And there are plenty of Millennials and Gen X-ers around to remind us. Usually, they're our doctors.

But let's look on the bright side -- as soon as we can find our readers. Losing our memory can be a good thing.

I'm guessing by this time in our lives we may have a long list of grievances, things that didn't go our way, people who hurt us -- and more. Instead of singing "Let it go, let it go!" we're tenaciously hanging onto this record of other's misdeeds, failings, unfairness, emotional pain.

Maybe it's time we forget where we've filed it.

Fortunately, we have a perfect example set for us by The One who has been around forever.

As you can imagine, God has had plenty of time to keep track of our countless transgressions, but he has promised to forgive us of everything we have ever done wrong. Besides that, he promises to forget them, putting our sins as far as the East is from the West and remember them no more. With him, we get a chance to start fresh -- a clean slate.

Think about it. God has forgotten his list. Isn't it about time we do the same?

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Forgiving, and then forgetting can be very freeing. We'd have a lot less to crowd our minds. Maybe then, we could remember where we parked our car.

(Lucy Luginbill is a career television producer-host and the Spiritual Life editor for the Tri-City Herald. In her column, she reflects on the meaning of her name, "Light Bringer." If you have a story idea for Light Notes, contact her at

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