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Spiritual Life: Joy doesn't depend on life's events

Janet Griffin, Tri-City Herald on

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We can't be grateful for all that happens, things such as war, disease, poverty, abuse. But we can practice gratefulness for life itself, for all we can learn to deal with, for all the ways we can help each other grow and heal.

Here's a simple way to begin. It's called 5-3-1. Every day take 5 minutes to sit quietly, open to God's presence. Let your mind chatter if it needs to, but open your heart and breathe quietly, focusing on your breath. Every day write down three things you're grateful for. Every day do one act of kindness.

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Rev. Janet Griffin is the Congregational Developer for the Southwest region of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, Wash., and lives in Richland. In her free time she reads and writes poetry as a spiritual practice and works on a paleontology ice age mammoth dig.


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