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Light Notes: It's a New Year's tale that sounds like an 'I Love Lucy' rerun. Mind your step

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Laughter is the best medicine, and I've been told that more than once. But believe me, sometimes it's a bitter pill to swallow.

That's why I keep a little box of sweet candies hidden in a corner of my handbag. On the lid of the well-worn tin is "Lucy's Predic-a-Mints" with a picture of one of my favorite TV actresses, Lucille Ball. The small tin was given to me by an observant friend.

I'm quite sure that when "Ethel" gifted it to me, she could see the difference between this Lucy -- me -- and TV Lucy.

Ms. Ball's "I Love Lucy" predicaments were scripted. Mine are not.

Still, we have a lot in common. People like to rewatch our episodes, often accompanied by peals of laughter.

That's what happened to me one New Year's Day, with no way to change the channel.

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To clarify, I have "some splainin' to do".

Each New Year's Day, my husband and I have brunch with a group of friends who meet at John and Vicky's home. It's a spacious open design, where the dining area flows past a sunken living room and then on into the kitchen area.

It's a great place to entertain -- especially when I show up.

"Remember the year Lucy ... "the crowd begins to roar as they relive the unforgettable moment, the storyteller's face beginning to contort with laughter. "Twice!" John reminds with two fingers while his napkin stems a flow of tears.


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