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When your faith is bigger than your fear, miracles happen

Gracie Bonds Staples, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on

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When the couple divorced five years later, Davis returned to God, her first love, for her own sake and the daughter she now had.

By then, she had gone through the Dale Carnegie speaker training to become a motivational speaker. A coach assured her she was ready to begin the journey, but when she accepted an invitation to speak to a group of Dallas county employees in Texas, fear took a seat and refused to leave.

"What am I going to tell these people?" she asked herself. "What if they ask me about my political views?"

You better not do this, she told herself.

Davis declined the offer and threw herself into her 9 to 5, creating training programs for fellow managers and then teaching them how to implement the programs.

She loved her job and she was good at it. Not only could she meet sales numbers, she often exceeded them because she was at her best developing and inspiring people. She'd been promoted six different times to poor performing markets and each time had managed to move them to the top tier.


The more she did that, the more her confidence grew. More importantly, she had refocused her attention on building a relationship with God.

In 2002, Davis pledged her love to Willie Davis, and four years later, the couple moved their family from Fort Worth, Texas, to Atlanta, where she continued to work for Luxottica Retail.

Before long, however, she sensed something in the company dynamics was changing.

"I started to notice people weren't as important as the bottom line," Davis said.


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