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Light Notes: Hark! The silent 'angel' suddenly sings, and a family rejoices

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A robust woman with perfect pitch, Gladys learned many songs in church as a child and later by listening to the radio as a teen on their rural farm. She could hear a song once, remember the tune and then coax a friend to key it on the piano, John said.

But when she came to visit that Christmas in 2011, that robust woman was fragile. She was a shadow of the woman once known for her scrumptious cooking, who would cheerily hum her way through the preparation of an impromptu meal.

Life had changed dramatically with the progression of her Alzheimer's disease.

"She was so feeble -- and she'd been a sturdy woman -- and down to 85 pounds," Susan said. "She didn't know much of what was going on, so we'd bring her out after her morning care and she'd sit in the recliner."

The comfy chair sat a few feet from their white baby grand piano, a red poinsettia atop, and Christmas tree lights in her view. It was a front-row seat to where, a few days before Christmas, Susan began to practice a few traditional carols. "Joy to the World" and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" began her repertoire.

And that's when Susan was taken completely by surprise. From over her shoulder, a familiar voice burst into song.

"She started singing along with the music when she hadn't been able to communicate," Susan said, recalling how she immediately telephoned across town to urge her daughter to come quickly.

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"It wasn't a one-time event!" Susan said enthusiastically as she reminisced about the bigger surprise in store. "We began singing Joy to the World while I played and Kim did some high flourishes, and then mom said, 'That was wonderful!' "

It was a parting gift from Gladys, who died a few months later, never to sing again. But no one will ever forget that joy-filled Christmas when their silent "angel" sang.

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