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Light Notes: Timely monetary gift creates stunned thankfulness

Lucy Luginbill, Tri-City Herald on

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Cathy immediately wrote a check for her $265 tithe from the gross income she had received -- the last foreseeable income.

"I didn't calculate anything because I knew it wouldn't add up and only stress me out," the struggling mom said about her meager budget. "I prayed out loud, 'Jesus, I trust you. Please have this little bit serve you in the best way, and please get me through this month."

Shortly thereafter, a letter from her attorney arrived. Cathy knew there could be a few hundred dollars left from what had been set aside for divorce proceedings. However, there was also the possibility that additional paperwork may have incurred more cost.

"I prayed before I opened it, that I would have grace with whatever was in that envelope," said Cathy. "And I found a check for $2,900!"

This was three times the amount she thought would be in the account after seeing the previous statement -- and now enough to see her through another month's living expenses.

Once again, Cathy knew God had blessed her and so she wrote a 10 percent tithe from the $2,900 to her church. But then she felt a nudge to give even more out of her "abundance."


"I felt God strongly told me to share his gift with some friends I had been praying for," Cathy explained. "I knew they were in a very dark situation in their lives; the husband was losing his faith."

Cathy decided to give the married couple $200. But she then felt God say it should be $165.

Why $165, Cathy had wondered? She would happily give even $250. But the thought came again that it needed to be $165.

"I'm laying there in my bed one morning going, 'Why $165, God? That's weird,' " Cathy said of her bewilderment. "I'm willing to give them more! 'How about ...' Then I felt strongly him telling me, '$165! Do it!' "


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