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Spiritual Life: Walk with Jesus on life's treacherous path

Micah Smith, Tri-City Herald on

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He died for you so you might live. He specializes in taking the treacherous things of life and turning them into places of hidden beauty, out-of-this-world peace and life everlasting.

No wonder the psalmist cried out: "God, you did everything you promised, and I'm thanking you with all my heart. You pulled me from the brink of death, my feet from the cliff-edge of doom. Now I stroll at leisure with God in the sunlit fields of life." (Psalm 56; 12-13, MSG)

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Rev. Micah Smith is president and founder of Global Gateway Network (, author of "Heaven's Heartbeat," and a Tri-City Herald Spiritual Life contributor. He enjoys trail running and coffee roasting with family and friends. email:

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