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Camp revival: Methodist-built community, cottages keep the faith

Patricia Sheridan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on

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"Our cottage is the only one with a tin ceiling," he said. "My wife calls this her dollhouse.

"People used what was available at the time when they built these. There is one cottage that has shutters as a ceiling. No two are alike."

There are several cottages currently for sale, but potential buyers have to be willing to work in the community doing little jobs such as planting flowers or painting or helping maintain the buildings or community outreach. Because it is a Christian camp, attending services is encouraged.

The average cost of a cottage is approximately $20,000, residents said. The cottages that are for sale come furnished, so new owners can decide what to keep and what to give away.

"There is a yearly fee of $1,300, which covers water, gas, sewage, taxes and ground maintenance. The caretaker and his wife live on the premises all year long," said Nace.

The camp used to have an in-ground pool fed by a spring. Locals who didn't live at the camp paid five cents to swim. Today there is a heated above-ground pool available for anyone wanting a dip. The camp also has a laundry for those who do not have a washer and dryer in their cottages.

Ginny Wellman has been at the camp for 27 years. She calls her cottage Victoria.

Her cottage is lavender and blue with pinkish and purple-red accents.

"When I bought the cottage, all the others were green and white or just green or white," recalled the 88-year-old. "I was the first one to bring color onto the campground."

Her late husband was the Rev. Willard Wellman, pastor at Fox Chapel Presbyterian Church.


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