The God Squad: Some look up! Stories with a few angels sprinkled in

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Thank you, dear readers, for your stories about angels who have helped you get through this pandemic by appearing in your life at just the right time. People wonder how I can believe in angels, but I do. The Bible teaches us that God needs to contact us, and angels are God’s post office. They are people bearing a message from God that we are not alone. That is my story, and I am sticking to it!

Stay safe! Get vaccinated! Don’t waste a miracle!

I had an experience many years ago and I'm sure I encountered an angel. I live in NYC, I was heading home to Brooklyn one night after being out with friends, as I made my way downstairs to the subway, on the platform near the token booth there was a young woman on a blanket. This was in the ’90s when homelessness was rampant. She asked for food, at the time I was a poor student and didn't have much money, but I just got two chocolate bars for myself. At first, I just walked past her but then thought, you have two, give her one. I turned back and handed her one. She thanked me and I told her to take care. I then turned to go downstairs to the train platform, and I turned around to see her and she was gone! Everything -- her, her blanket, all of her stuff completely gone. There was no way that could have happened. Unless it was an angel. To this day, I don't know what any of it meant or what the significance was. I sometimes think, even angels need chocolate now and then. – A, Brooklyn

It was the day after the first big blizzard here in New York. My son and his girlfriend had been diagnosed with COVID-19 a few days before. I had planned to drive to NYC to drop off a ton of supplies for them. Who runs out of “body soap” but two kids! I had eight bags from Trader Joe’s, plus a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers, and, of course, the much-needed soap. They live on the fourth floor of a walk-up (no elevator) and I would have to schlepp it all up myself. When I got to the city, the snow was piled so high that most the cars on the side streets were buried. I realized parking was going to be a nightmare. I drove around their block once to scope it out, and then started to panic. I decided I would go around once more and then probably have to go back home with the supplies because I could not possibly park in a garage blocks away and carry everything. Just as I was passing their building, I saw a man come out of their apartment building, one second later and I would have missed him. I double parked and asked him if he would be willing to help me out. In broken English he let me know he was working in the building as a painter. Within five minutes all the bags were unloaded, I left the car double parked with blinkers flashing, and together we carried the packages up the four flights. I explained that my kids had COVID-19 and that they were not able to get supplies or leave the apartment. When we got to their apartment door, I offered him a tip. He refused. I told him he was one of God’s “angels” and that I could not thank him enough. He then went back down the stairs. I spoke to the kids through the closed door/peep hole and then I went back down to the car. And there he was again, an angel, guarding my car making sure that nothing happened to it. We hugged goodbye, a COVID-19 miracle! – R, Long Island


Dear Rabbi Gellman, there's been heavy snow on Long Island, and as a senior citizen I was very grateful to have three neighbors shovel my stoop, sidewalk, and driveway. A few days later, I was able to pick up one of the two home-delivered newspapers, but the other was in the middle of the lawn covered with a significant amount of snow with an icy crust on top. I tried futilely reaching it with a shovel and then decided to be content with one paper rather than risk a broken hip. Later, I glanced out the window and saw that someone had retrieved the paper and placed it on the shoveled path. I was grateful to God for this anonymous angel. Your column is a way to LOOK UP because your responses are filled with compassion, encouragement, and levity. God bless you. — Grandma A, Long Island

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